Happily Married With Kids
(It’s Not An Oxymoron!)

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How to resolve the number one problem you’re facing in your relationship.


How to communicate better and design how you want to co parent.


How to communicate better and design how you want to co parent.

If you could change one thing in your relationship, what would it be?

You would learn how to communicate with clarity and honesty so you can move forward to a happier future together…

You would resolve past conflicts, reduce relationship tension, and learn healthier ways to communicate…

You would share the vision you have for parenting and creating a family together…

Don’t worry.

I’m here to help you improve communication, strengthen your bond,
and parent with intention so your family thrives.

Hi! I’m Traci Ruble.

Relationship Expert and Therapist

I help individuals, couples, and families build honest, intimate, happy relationships via practical, straightforward, science-backed couples therapy that solves problems and speaks to the heart.

I created the Happily Married with Children webinar to help you learn more about yourself and your relationship – without you having to pay thousands of dollars for a therapist, juggling your schedule, or having to drag your partner with you to a therapist’s office.

If your marriage needs a boost after having kids this is the place to make sense of it all, get support, and learn to employ practical strategies for making this married with kids thing fun again.

Here’s what you’ll learn…


What are the circumstances of our lives that impact us in terms of support, time, income, and even space?


What are the expectations we have for one another and our children and how were those expectations shaped?

Style of Relating

Each of us has a style of relating, shaped by the experiences we’ve had or the experiences we’ve seen other people have when relating to their partners. Kids amplify some of the more challening parts of our relating styles.


How do we learn to communicate with courage, honesty, intimacy, and how do we use our strengths to co-parent?

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