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I help couples, co-founders, and organizations build solid relationships!

Couples Consulting

Personal Assessment and DIY Action Plan

You have the smarts and skills to sort out your relationship on your own, you just need a point in the right direction.  What you need is a professional assessment of your strengths and edges by a pro (that’s me) who can draw up a custom action plan made just for you. You can schedule via my online calendar.

Who this is for?
It is for couples who still have a lot of goodwill and warmth between them but some repeated stumbling blocks make it apparent some tweaks would unstick some negative patterns.
What is included?
  • Scientific Gottman couples questionnaire (results sent to me). 
  • 2 Hour live couple interview over video
  • Personalized Assessment and DIY Action Plan
What is the value to us?
  • Proactive support to your relationship before problems get big.
  • Save time and money in couples therapy by developing good relationship habits now.
  • Leverage the science of couples therapy before there are problems.
Who is this NOT for?
This is not for couples who are already far down the path of infidelity, addiction, and many years of harmful fighting. 

Decision Consulting
(Should We Break Up?)

One of the greatest time wasters in couples therapy is when one or both people come to couples therapy not sure they want to work on their relationship.  You may feel pretty sure you don’t want to work on things.

My advice…you owe it to yourself to get some consulting.  Ending a relationship is not a decision to be made in the throws of hurt nor does ending a relationship always lead to greater ease that one or both partners want.  It is worth taking a look before leaping. And then, when exiting, you can do so with a lot of skill.

What decision consulting and discernment counseling is?
A chance to gain clarity and a go forward plan.  It is limited to five sessions. The first session is two hours and any following sessions we agree to are 90 minutes.  You schedule online at my calendar.
What decison consulting and discernment counseling is not?
It is not therapy.  We will not dive into problem solving nor resolving emotional challenges.  This is a chance to see what would be involved in making this relationship work and what changes you would each need to make.  From there, you make the decision if you want to sign up to do the work on your marriage or relationship.
Why decision consulting helps?
If you decide to work on the relationship, therapy will be effective.  And if you decide to split up, you will craft some intentions for a more constructive separation process.

Company Consulting


Working with co-founders is surprisingly similar to working with couples. But, I have the added experience of working in corporate life.  We straighten out conflict and develop better communication and decision-making skills and gut check how you have structured your partnership and business so you each feel like you have an equitable and inspiring partnership.

Organizations and Teams

Most organizations need tune ups on how to effectively listen and collaborate.  I run an international listening non-profit and offer team training on communication and listening that is not only effective but builds lasting bridges with team members. 

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I offer keynote addresses for sales meetings and conferences.