Therapy With Me

What kind of therapy do you do?

I work with adults.

Half my practice is made up of couples and the other half, individuals.

I do monthly all-day Saturday sessions with adult family members once a month.

What are your rates and what about insurance?

My fees are $200/ 50 minute hour.
I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance who may cover half my fee as an out of network provider.

How can I tell if you are the right therapist for me?

…you want a warm but outspoken collaborator you can depend on.
…you want a theory & research nerd who still trains with leaders in the field. See my training here.
…you want someone who has been in corporate life and gets the challenges of being a driven person.
…you want someone who is married with kids and gets the special context of living those “selves” in the Bay Area.

What are you trained in?

I am a theory nerd so am always training.
You can see my past history of training here.
My specialities are relationships – personal and professional and women in leadership. I have been a couples therapist since age 4.

Current training:
Couples Training, Esther Perel,
Trauma Training, Janina Fisher
Leadership Training, Brene Brown
EFT and Gottman Couples Training

What else do you do besides psychotherapy?

I run a clinic in San Francisco, called PSYCHED and I direct a street listening non-profit about human connection called Sidewalk Talk. I also speak and teach on these topics inside companies and at conferences. Before becoming a therapist I worked in the tech industry. For fun I run in the trees and play in the ocean every weekend with my family.

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