Therapy With Me

Who do you work with?

I work with adults ages 25 to 95.

Half my practice is made up of couples and the other half, individuals.
I consult with companies and founders on roles, visioning, and communication.

I create and work with couples communities online.

Where do you practice?

All of my sessions are over secure online video therapy (since September of 2019).

Surprising benefits of video therapy:

  1. Couples I work with go deeper because they have a comfort level with me from their own space.
  2. Couples with kids are getting help without having to get a sitter. They save money and time.
  3. The physical distance between me and clients creates an ability for many clients to relate more openly and honestly. 
  4. Clients take more notes during video sessions and reflect on our work more between sessions.
  5. Therapy feels less like an appointment one has to rush to get to but is now a source of slowing down.

  What are your rates and what about insurance?

Sessions for Individuals are $250 for 50 minutes.
Sessions for Couples and Families are $300 for 50 minutes. 
Extended sessions are offered in additional 25 minute increments.

I am not affiliated with any insurance providers.
I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance who may cover part of my fee as an out of network provider.

What are you trained in?

I am a theory nerd so am always training.
I received my master’s in psychology in 2004 but take a new training modality in couples therapy, complex trauma, or systems and leadership every year.  You can see my trainings here.
I specialize in working with couples, adult families, and driven leaders.