Should We Break Up Or Work On It? WEBINAR

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How to understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship on a deeper level to accurately assess your compatibility.


How to assess the change and effort involved in developing the kind of relationship you each want.


How to get clarity and confidence about a go-forward plan in this relationship.

If you could get clear about one thing in your relationship, what would it be?

You would learn if your expectations in the relationship are compatible or at least workable…

You would understand what is changeable and what is not in your relating dynamic…

You would co-create a next steps plan that you are each committed to and invested in (together or apart)…

Don’t worry.

I’m here to help you sort out the roots of your relational dynamic and gain clarity and confidence on a moving forward plan.

Hi! I’m Traci Ruble.

Relationship Expert and Therapist

I help individuals, couples, and families build honest, intimate, happy relationships via practical, straightforward, science-backed couples therapy that solves problems and speaks to the heart.

I created the Should We Break Up or Work On It? webinar to help you learn more about yourself and your relationship – without you having to pay thousands of dollars for a therapist, juggling your schedule, or having to drag your partner with you to a therapist’s office.

More than anything, I want people who do invest in working on their relationship to be all in.  And for folks that aren’t sure they want to work on it, to learn from this ending and exit with a ton of wisdom they can pocket and end in a high integrity, healthy way.

Here’s what you’ll learn…


What are the circumstances of our lives that have impacted this relationship?


What are the expectations we have for one another, how were those expectations shaped, and what are our growing edges in this relationship (or any)?

Style of Relating

 Each of us has a style of relating, shaped by the experiences from our past that may have led to some of our bumps. What is changeable, what is not, and how much effort is involved to help us decide if moving forward is right for us?


How do our communication strengths and weaknesses impact our relationship and what are we willing or able to change or not?

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